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Bird Photos - Page 2 | Bird Photos - Page 3

Florida Everglades Birds and Wildlife

(Pandion haliactus)
  • Family - Pandioninae
  • Identification - White cap, chin, throat, breast, belly; hooked beak
  • Food - Usually preys on fish in shallow water
  • Nest - commonly found on channel markers, in trees, and radio towers near water
Purple Gallinule
(Porphyrula martinica)

  • Family - Rallidae
  • Identification - Breast and head purple in color. Beak is red with yellow on tip. Legs are long and yellow, often found walking across lily pads.
  • Food - Plants, snails, insects, mollusks
  • Nest - Nest is often made on floating water plants. The Purple Gallinule can be found in fresh marshes, swamps and ponds.
Great Blue Heron
(Ardea herodias)

  • Family - Ardeidae
  • Identification - Long legs and neck. Neck in rest and flight usually held in S shape. Blue grey in color on back, belly, and wings
  • Food - Frogs, small fish, salamanders, lizards, snakes, and crawfish
  • Nest - commonly found on channel markers, in trees, and radio towers near water. Uses twigs and small branches for the nest.
Roseate Spoonbill
(Ajaia ajaja)
  • Family - Threskiornithidae
  • Identification - Body is pink and white with a touch of red feathers. The beak is long, looks like a spoon with the flat curveture at tip. Tail feathers and some feathers at the base of the neck are yellow in color, neck is white.
  • Food - crustaceans, insects, mollusks, amphibians, plants, small fish, shellfish, and shrimp.
  • Nest - They build their nests in the trees out of branches, leaves, and grass.
Snowy Egret
(Egretta thula)
  • Family - Ardeidae
  • Identification - White bird, black bill, black legs, and yellow feet. The small area between the eyes and beak is yellow. The Snowy Egret and Little Egret are very similar.
  • Food - Small fish
  • Nest - are made of twigs and are found in the trees.

Photographs provided by Sandee Harraden -- Everglades City

Bird Photos - Page 2