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Bird Photos - Page 1 | Bird Photos - Page 3

Florida Everglades Birds and Wildlife

Great Egret
(Casmerodius Albus)
  • Family - Ardeidae
  • Identification -Large white bird with yellow bill.
  • Food - Frog, Fish, and Crawfish
  • Nest -

Birds of the Everglades and the 10,000 Island Florida
Common Moorhen
(Gallinula chloropus)

  • Family - Rallidae
  • Identification - Black head and neck, redbill with yellow on the tip. In winter the bill turns brown with yellow on the tip. This bird is smaller and is rounder.
  • Food - plants, insects
  • Nest - This bird can be found often swimming, but has been spotted on golfcources and lawns. Nesting usually near water.

White Ibis
(Eudocimus albus)

  • Family - Threkiernithidae
  • Identification - White bird with pink facial markings. When breeding, the bill, face, and legs turn scarlet.
  • Food - cryafish, tadpoles, fish
  • Nest -

Birds of the Everglades and the 10,000 Island Florida
Moorhen ~ Reddish Egret

    Burrowing Owl

Brown Pelican

  • Long bill with a pouch, dark on Atlantic/Gulf coasts; bill paler along Pacific coast, becomes yellow during breeding season
  • Plunges from great heights into water to catch fish


Photographs above provided by Patti Bailey of ci-Interactive - Naples Florida



White Ibis

  • Medium-sized long-legged long-necked wading bird
  • Long, decurved bill
  • Bill and facial skin pinkish-red
  • Red legs



Great Blue Heron









  • Dark brown plumage
  • Head, neck, and underparts streaked extensively with white
  • Back and upperwing coverts have bold white spots and streaks
  • Long, slightly decurved bill with yellowish-orange base and dark tip


Bird Photos - Page 3


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