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Florida Everglades Boating and Marinas

Everglades Backcountry Experience



Everglades, Florida


Fishing and backcountry excursions with Capt. Rodney Raffield. Enjoy the beauty and wildlife of the Everglades on a unique fishing trip through the 10,000 Islands and Everglades with a 4th generation native guide. Capt. Rodney Raffield will take you to places unknown by most.
Our trips leave from historic Chokoloskee Island at the end of West Chokoloskee Drive.

Speedy's Airboat Tours


621 Begonia Street
Everglades City, FL


Experience the Florida Everglades on our unique 6 passenger airboats! The only airboats in Everglades City with elevated seating for better visibility! You will be amazed by the wonders of the Everglades as you travel from the Mangrove Jungles onto the sawgrass prairies. Only on the true airboats can you experience both!

Boating Courtesy

Boating courtesy is just common sense. Imagine what you would want from other boaters if you were fishing in any spot. Today, many people are discovering the joys of boating and being out on the water. Share the same boating courtesy you would expect from other people....read more about boating courtesy »

Nautical Safety

Two other less formal rules for nautical safety have helped prevent mishaps and embarrassments. The clear visibility rule implies that if you donít think the crew of the other boat can see you due to weather or whatever reason, give way regardless of who is technically responsible. The gross tonnage rule means give way to vessels that are much larger than yours, for obvious reasons.

Proper boat maintenance, effective floatation devices and knowledge of signals are also important to the boating experience. Be aware of the weather. Fog can hide other boats. Keep your cool and follow the rules....read more about nautical safety »