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Boating Courtesy

Boating Courtesy - It's For Everyone
By Wayne Gilbert

Do you know what boating courtesy means? Every summer, thousands of people take to the water. If you own a boat, whether it is a canoe or a full yacht on the water, you need to remember that there are certain common courtesies known by all people who go boating. Donít be the one who tried to do something foolish and ends up hurting boats, hurting people or hurting your reputation.

One of the biggest complaints among boaters is a crazy stunt that is not only very annoying, but very dangerous as well. Imagine being out on a boat, the water is calm and you are just a few lengths away from the shore. All of a sudden, a boater is headed strait for you. He gets only a couple of feet from your boat and then turns, barely missing you. He pulls out in front of you, grins and waves as he drives on. Meanwhile, he has probably scared all your fish away and would have been in an accident. Some new boaters think this stunt is clever, but it is actually very stupid and dangerous. People could be hurt. In some cases, hooks and poles are wrenched out of peopleís hands, as other boaters doing this same stunt get too close and get caught up in the line.

Have some courtesy for other people boating. If you see someone fishing, slow down. Steer your boat in a wide arch away from the other boats if possible. Getting too close is dangerous and stupid and if you are caught doing it while the right people are watching, you could get a ticket, a hefty fine and possibly your boat taken away.

Also, never anchor within 100 feet of another boat, especially if someone is fishing. Your approach simply scares the fish away, and the other boater might be upset you are not showing some courtesy for his fishing. Stay away.

If you notice someone is having engine trouble, ask if they need some help. Again, if you would expect someone to do this for you one day, it is good to do this yourself. This is common boating courtesy. The least you can do is offer assistance.

Boating courtesy is just common sense. Imagine what you would want from other boaters if you were fishing in any spot. Today, many people are discovering the joys of boating and being out on the water. Share the same boating courtesy you would expect from other people.

Wayne Gilbert is a Florida native with over 30 years of fishing experience. His website about Flats Fishing, https://www.FishFloridaBay.com, has been providing its viewers with extensive coverage of the Florida backcountry fishing scene for a long time. Other topics include backcountry fishing, Florida Keys fishing, and individual gamefish habitats,statistics, and locations.