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Florida Everglades - What's New

Everglades Swamp Walks and MuckAbouts - You will have a guide to lead you into the Big Cypress Swamp behind Big Cypress Gallery in the Everglades, swamp walk tours take you through a rare dwarf cypress prairie and exotic cypress strand. This offers an ultimate Everglades experience where you will see a side of this nature sanctuary few people ever get to witness. Walks are offered 7 days a week daily Tours 9:30am & 1:30pm click for more information.

Everglades Kayak Fishing - Catch the Experience of Everglades Kayak Fishing with Capt. Charles Wright - guided Everglades Kayak fishing trips in the Everglades National Park and the 10,000 Islands, Florida.

Florida Vacations Guide
by Terry Hely

Copyright (c) 2008 Terry Hely

Walt Disney World, Sea World Orlando, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens are the perennial theme park favorites which continue to attract the majority of Florida holiday makers. But savvy travelers know that Florida is not just a string of theme parks. The entertainment parks, and there are a lot of them, share the state with superb natural attractions such as the Florida Keys, the Everglades and the Gulf Islands that have been attracting visitors for generations.

The state offers a wonderful mix of superb locations, each one providing unique opportunities to soak up the local history, enjoy some incredible golf and take advantage of beach and family vacations that cater to all tastes and interests.

** Florida Golf Vacations

An unrivalled golf vacation on the manicured greens of some of Florida's leading courses is a powerful magnet for any serious golfer. A mix of over 1100 public and private membership golf courses throughout the state cater to all skill levels. Given the enormous popularity of golf throughout the state, it's only natural that golf vacation packages are available to suit all tastes and budgets.

The majority of the more popular courses are available to non-members via resort stays or pre-booked vacation packages that include an agreed number of rounds of golf combined with resort accommodation and access to the resort's guest facilities.

** Florida Beach Vacations

A Florida beach vacation is all about relaxing on the squeaky, fine powder sands, basking in the sunny warmth, cooling off in the clear waters and enjoying the relaxed Florida lifestyle. This unique peninsula offers numerous, very popular, vacation destinations along the 1100 miles (1760km) of waterfront shoreline. Both the east coast, west coast and panhandle region have numerous white sand beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Nearly all of the best destinations for Florida beach vacations are available throughout the year. Snorkeling in the clear pristine waters, reliving Florida's history, birdwatching, surfing, sailing, shelling, collecting sharks teeth, hunting for treasure or just enjoying a romantic getaway are all part of the beach experience. You can be sure that Florida has a beach that's perfect for you.

** Florida Family Vacations

Family vacations are available throughout Florida to suit every taste and budget. It's easy to understand why family vacations in Florida are the preferred choice for both visitors from overseas and USA families. There is always something to do or places to visit, the lifestyle is relaxed, the prices are sensible and the locals are friendly and hospitable.

While some visitors come for the unique interaction of swimming with dolphins, others may wish to experience the preserved Florida heritage and history and others may be boarding their Caribbean cruise from one of the Florida ports. Florida is driver friendly with an excellent road network and numerous RV parks. For the visitor wanting to see the best that Florida has to offer, a Florida driving vacation is highly recommended. Driving in Florida is not difficult for overseas visitors as the state has a good network of well sign-posted highways and the local drivers are both well behaved and courteous.

It's not by accident that Florida is the 3rd most popular USA vacation choice after Las Vegas and New York. It truly is a wonderful destination for all ages, all tastes and all budgets.

About the Author

Terry is the author of several highly regarded, content rich travel destination guides. This article is an excerpt from his whole of Florida travel resource at www.go-florida.net