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Ultimate Fishing Knots And Rigs Part I

By Wayne Gilbert

Mastering the art of tying fishing knots and rigs requires experimentation, practice, patience, and perseverance. If one technique doesn’t work, the individual should willingly try another: some fish like deep water while others like shallow water; some fish don’t like sunlight, while other species may be found in sunny areas; and even their feeding habits may affect the types of fishing knots and rigs the fisher will require. Basically, practicing different techniques will help the fisher to determine the best technique to use, when to use it, and where to use it.

There are many types of rigs, probably too many to list, but there are some primary fishing knots and rigs that most individuals use. First, the jig is a knot and a lure. The lure can be of the individual’s choice and the knot also varies from one individual to the next. Some individuals prefer using the square knot and other individuals might lean toward using what is referred to as “the hangman’s noose” or “a basic slip knot.” A basic slip knot has fewer tendencies to snap the line or pull the knot loose. Regardless of the knot chosen, when tying any knot, always wet the line in order to prevent the line from creating too much friction and rubbing too tightly together. By wetting the line, this prevents premature breakage of the line.

To simplify the term rigs: basically the way the individual chooses to tie his bait or lure to the line. Some people prefer the hook above the sinker, while others prefer it just below the sinker. Some individuals prefer to have the hook on the bottom with a sinker about 18 inches above the hook, as well as a stop, so the sinker will drag the bottom, making the bait or lure bounce off the bottom of the body of water. In doing so, a variety of fish are attracted to the bouncing movement of the bait.

There are numerous books on the art of tying fishing knots and rigs, as well as fishing flies which can be purchased for a nominal fee through popular fishing magazines. Further, flying knots and ties can be purchased via websites focusing on sporting goods, as well as on Internet auction sites. In the end, mastering the art of fishing knots and rigs is all about trial an error—experimentation will ultimately help the individual discover what works best for them.

Wayne Gilbert is a Florida native with over 30 years of fishing experience. His website about Flats Fishing, https://www.FishFloridaBay.com, has been providing its viewers with extensive coverage of the Florida backcountry fishing scene for a long time. Other topics include backcountry fishing, Florida Keys fishing, and individual gamefish habitats,statistics, and locations.